You are invited to…

not just be a spectator, BuT to participate in the great commission happening in France. 


Learn With us

We will learn from French theologians and Christian leaders about the history of the French church and its current context. Then, we will look at how the barriers and opportunities for the Gospel in France influence all of our ministry efforts. We will be united in our passion for sharing the Gospel in France.


Visit With US

We will visit each of our team’s active church-planting projects (8+, from central Paris, to countryside villages, to immigrant communities) to serve together and to share in the struggles of ministry. We will be encouraged by testimonies of how God is at work in each our communities.


Respond With US

We will respond and come before God together. We will worship - thanking God for all of the ways He has worked in France, to grow the church and to bring Himself glory. And we will PRAY - laying specific situations at God’s feet and lifting up to Him our current needs, as well as the need of France.


"Prayer turns theology into experience.”

- Timothy Keller, Prayer.